Surya Turner


I’m delighted to offer my storytelling and leadership programme, Purposeful Voice.

Stories are fundamental to how we change and inspire change in others and I am delighted to bring to this work my range of creative, spiritual and professional experience.

Purposeful Voice is for you if:

You know it’s your time to speak your truth and experience deeper purpose, impact and influence.

And you desire to:

♛ Enjoy speaking with ease on tele-seminars and live audiences and let go of any inhibition and nervousness.

♛ Touch peoples’ hearts and minds, move others and be, moved and know that your story IS ‘special’ enough.

♛ Communicate what your unique gifts and qualities are and show how your life experiences have brought them about.

♛ Say YES to speaking engagements and inspire the audience into action by sharing your big why to maximum impact.

♛ Get help crafting your story and talk so that the work gets done!

♛ Get an expert review of your signature talk and story so you can take it to the next level.

It is also for you…
♛ If you want all the above and you have been through major life experiences, birth, loss, ill health, relationship breakup and you are wondering how you can bring the insights you gained into your mission.

♛ Are ready to let go of inner blocks and recurring themes from family and cultural conditioning and want a creative / dynamic approach that will serve your business too?

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